>_ DevOps & CI/CD Open

We help companies to implement the best DevOps practices and CI/CD automation methods in order to boost up the development process production and improve fault tolerance of services in production.

Price from: 3 000 $

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>_ SRE Open

Develop and implement fault-tolerant automated infrastructures based on Kubernetes. It provides high availability of services in production and allows building flexible and convinient pipeline development processes for applications based on microservices and docker containers.

Price from: 4 500 $

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>_ Fault-tolerant infrastructure Open

Your project will be extremely stable and resistant to the failure of multiple servers. Even the fall of a meteorite on the data center will not make you worry at all.

Price from: 1 200 $

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>_ Stress and load testing Open

We’ll show and tell you what your project is capable of! With the help of specialized tools we load the site this way, it imitates the behavior of real users, and observe how the system works in such conditions, where it can bug or fail, under what kind of load a failure might occur. We analyze data and make our professional recommendations.

Price from: 2 500 $

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>_ 24х7 server monitoring & support Open

24/7 Support over 1000 servers and 300 web-projects: from small corporate sites to major online stores, media sites and complex microservices projects. Do you want to be online 24/7 and sleep well? You’re at the right place!

Price from: 320 $

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The problem of administration, technical support, server and infrastructure maintenance is now solved.

Real 24x7: do these guys ever sleep?


Find and fix the major part of the problems before they even appear. We will optimize everything that can be optimized. If we see a useful process or tuning idea, we suggest and implement it right away.

SLA guarantee

The speed of response and the maximal permissible downtime are fixed under the terms of the contract. We are responsible for each of them.

The 15min rule

If something goes wrong, our administrators have 15 minutes to start solving it. In most cases, that's enough time for the project to be up and running again.


We ask lots of questions and check out all the details before we get to work. When everything is clear and understood, we make it fast - we will not make you wait. Your project will get the best technical solution possible, considering all the details of your situation in particular.

Working since 2011

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we have understood what the processes should be like, so the work goes smoothly, and tasks are performed quickly with the highest quality

Project Approach

We plan the roadmap altogether including taking care of infrastructure preparation and keeping in touch with developers and data center support.


If something can go wrong, it certainly will. Before any action, we assess the situation and think. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Friendly cooperation

We understand developers at a glance, brainstorm and offer the best solution.

We worked together with the team and they provided us with infrastructure migration services. Nixys DevOps engineers can be specifically recognized for their expertise in merging development and operations tasks to enhance the development process. In addition to their communication skills, we would like to note commitment and ability to approach work issues with tech expertise. They helped in choosing the best migration tools and were flexible in development process. The team has repeatedly helped us answer questions, taken calls to clarify technical details and recommend solutions for improving our business metrics. These guys have an individual approach to solving non-standard cases. We will get to the team’s assistance again and continue to work in the the tech support.

Kai Lin Tan

Kai Lin Tan

Carlton Group

We’ve contacted Nixys team for their technical expertise in implementing DevOps culture and best-practices, in designing, deploying, and maintaining industrial-grade mission critical systems using OpenShift and Kubernetes. Our collaboration has been extremely valuable and productive, with a notable achievement being the optimisation of our release deployment process, that brings our business value by improving velocity, productivity, and sustainability. With Nixys’ guidance, we’ve successfully reduced our release rollout time from an initial 3 days to an impressive 2 hours.



Teck Resources

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Nixys after a very successful first stage. The expertise of DevOps specialists has been key point in improving the stability of our corporate website. Any technical challenges that arise are promptly addressed by their professional DevOps team. We plan to continue our business cooperation with Nixys in the future, set up a monitoring and logging processes.

Alex Smirnoff

Alex Smirnoff

Raiffeisen Life

Nixys team provided an exceptional level of expertise in optimizing our infrastructure. The outstanding level of service helped us with implementing CI/CD pipeline for automation Web3 development processes. The team takes a comprehensive approach and infrastructure security audit. Also Nixys team help us with suggesting optimal DevOps tools and best-practices for improving our system’s performance. Their quick responses throught the working process and willingness to go above made the collaboration highly productive.

Alexandra Overgaag

Alexandra Overgaag

Thrilld Labs

We have been working with Nixys since 2016 and during this time got convinced that the stress resistance of the systems developed by the company and their stable operation in times of really high loads play a very significant role. What pleases us the most is not just the professionalism, but the proactivity of their team – the fact that we do not receive formal compliance with our requirements, but also truly inspiring suggestions on how to optimize our infrastructure.

Lena Jeleń

Lena Jeleń


Working with Nixys was a pleasure due to their outstanding communication and DevOps consulting services. The transparency and openness in discussing different ways of working approaches and their willingness to accommodate our specific needs, contributed significantly to the success of our web project. For round-the-clock support of our servers and infrastructure, the team proposed a specific format of work, provided us with сustom solutions and took into account our requirements.

Simon Molitor

Simon Molitor


To launch a new online product, we needed specialized DevOps skills. We contacted Nixys and were completely satisfied with the way they developed and configured project’s infrastructure and CI. As a result, we have been working with them for support for over a year. We’re pleased with their expertise in leveraging technologies such as ClickHouse for efficient data processing, Zabbix for robust monitoring, Ceph for scalable storage, Docker for containerization, and Let’s Encrypt for secure SSL certificates. 24×7 response to monitoring tasks and alerts demonstrates their commitment.

Seanán O'Callaghan

Seanán O'Callaghan

Aer Lingus

Nixys team demonstrated high level of expertise in SRE and DevOps on the project. DevOps engineers troubleshooted server issues through the entire development process. The result was improved efficiency and reduced downtime to minimum, which significantly improved our business metrics. Our server performance became more efficient, with a noticeable reduction in deployment times and an impressive increase in overall system reliability. The team’s commitment to delivering high-quality work was above our expectations.

Neal K. Shah

Neal K. Shah


We got introduced to Nixys when our project needed migration to another server. The task was solved quickly and professionally, and we were fully satisfied by the cooperation. As a result, we have been trusting Nixys for more than five years and we are always sure that our infrastructure is protected. All our new tasks are solved as quickly as possible, specialists work accurately and professionally. Thanks a lot to the whole team for the stable perfomance of our servers and, as a result, stable operation of the entire business.

Helfried Hafner

Helfried Hafner

Did Deutsch-Institut

We migrated our infrastructure to Nixys maintenance about four years ago, and collaboration experience has been nothing but positive. Tasks are completed on time, and we especially appreciate their 24×7 support services. Thanks to that, we no longer have to worry about the site going down in the middle of the night. In particular, Nixys recently demonstrated their high level of professionalism by preventing unauthorized access to our servers. We are extremely grateful for their DevOps expertise and the peace of mind they provide in protecting our digital assets.

Ralph Bergfalk

Ralph Bergfalk


>_ Long live Nxs-backup v3.0!

Long live Nxs-backup v3.0!

>_ Universal Helm Chart for your applications

Universal Helm Chart for your applications

>_ Kubernetes: Why it’s important to configure system resource managment?

Kubernetes: Why it’s important to configure system resource managment?

>_ Finding the cause of slow redis on a virtual machine

Finding the cause of slow redis on a virtual machine

>_ Multi-threaded work experience, or How to be a DevOps for multiple development teams

Multi-threaded work experience, or How to be a DevOps for multiple development teams



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